The number of people affected by this disease is staggering, and climbing. Help us provide immediate food relief to people in Liberia whose lives have been derailed by the Ebola epidemic. In effort to contain the disease, much of the country has been shut down, which means that the countries’ systems are collapsing. The side-effect of this is that many people are now prevented from working. Without employment, they are unable to pay for food, which is the primary concern for a growing number of people.

Your gift today will help feed a desperate family in this time of crisis.

James, an EFCCM missionary to Liberia is in the country now, trying to get a sense of its needs, and how we can best help. Besides food, he is distributing educational pamphlets on how people can keep themselves as safe as possible. 

Please pray for this country – that God would shine his light on a situation that seems hopeless. Please encourage your church to pray for people in Liberia, and if so led, you could take up a special collection to assist people’s immediate needs.

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